Cadillacs - when my blue moon turns to gold

Cadillac combines modern elegance with phenomenal engineering to strike a new path for luxury automotive. Discover all you need to know about Cadillac’s vehicles right here, including the CT6 Sedan, XT5 Crossover, ATS Coupe, ATS Sedan, ATS-V Coupe and Sedan, CTS Sedan, CTS-V Sedan, XTS Sedan, Escalade SUV and Escalade ESV.

This 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark 5 automobile was specially ordered by Elvis in the summer of 1959 while in the Army and stationed in Germany. The Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company sent one of the very first 1960 Lincolns, serial #32, to Hess and Eisenhardt to be customized for Elvis. They were the world famous company who built the Lincoln X-100 limousine which Kennedy was assassinated in. This auto is equipped with every available option including rear power privacy glass, and two separate units for front and rear air-conditioning. After 5 years Elvis gave the car to Alan Fortas an original member of the Memphis Mafia .

In 1955, Willingham and Clark left the group and were replaced by Earl Wade and Charles Brooks. At this time, the group first began to experiment with choreography , suggested by manager Esther Navarro. Later that year came the group's biggest hit, "Speedoo", Carroll's nickname. Lavern Drake left the group in 1956 and was replaced by J. R. Bailey .

Cadillacs - When My Blue Moon Turns To GoldCadillacs - When My Blue Moon Turns To GoldCadillacs - When My Blue Moon Turns To GoldCadillacs - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold